Removing Cubase 8 for 8.5

I have 8.5 but want to remove the old Program from my Computer. All my Presets, VSTs however are in its Folders.

What can I do to Migrate everything over seamlessly to the new Software? They should of made it where if overwrites the old Software for new


Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

Windows 10

Are you sure your VSTi etc. are in the Cubase 8 folder? That’s not where they’d normally install to.

in the Steinberg folder you mean? in that folder you will likely have Cubase 8, 8.5 and a VST folder.

Just uninstall C8 from the Control Panel. You don’t need to do anything else. Folders will be kept if they need to be.

I format my hard drive, i do clean W10 install. I bought 8.5 guessing i won’t need “Cubase 8” anyway… I downloaded 875 mb. I don’t know what to do. Install 8 then uninstall or what? Why you don’t create notepad for those who upgrade from X version, explain in few words.

Go to MySteinberg and click on the Tab Download, there you can download the complete 8.5 installer.
It’s 9.4GB in size.
Alternative install 8.0 install the 8.5 upgrade and uninstall 8.0