Removing deactivated licences from Activation Manager

Would it be possible you could create the option to remove uninstalled and deactivated plugins from you list of licences the activation manager? I can see that this list could become rather cluttered over time and would prefer to see only the plugins I have installed and activated, with the option to add licences and remove them from the list at will. They would still be on you account of course, you just wouldn’t need to see them.


you can use the filters on the left to achieve this: clicking on “Activated” will only show the licenses currently activated on that machine.

I was asking not to see deactivated plugins at all. If I have never installed them they needn’t appear. Not the end of the world though, I guess.

I guess I was thinking more of sounds than software as things can just become cluttered. Or maybe just a dedicated page for sound content as opposed to software would be more practical.

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Sorry, but I read uninstalled and deactivated :wink:

Usually, software that is not installed is also not activated, so that button should achieve the same result… but I guess that is not always the case.

That’s a very good point indeed.