Removing Dorico 2 files

Which files/directories specific only to Dorico 2 do I need to remove to leave a clean installation of Dorico 3, please?

You don’t need to remove any files related to Dorico 2: the two applications coexist quite happily and I would not recommend removing Dorico 2 at this stage, because some projects will change appearance when you open them in Dorico 3 (e.g. vertical spacing may change, the placement of fingerings vs. slurs may change, and playing techniques shown as repeated symbols will cover one fewer note than in Dorico 2).

Thanks, Daniel: very clear. I’ll keep them both for the moment :slight_smile:

When the time does come (I like keeping a ‘clean’ machine), and after I’ve opened all my Dorico 2 files in Dorico 3 and saved them - satisfied that they’re OK, which are the Dorico 2 files/dependencies/folders (Mac) which should go?

Appreciated :smiley: :smiley:

The only thing you should actually remove is the Dorico 2 application bundle from /Applications.

Thanks, Daniel. All clear!