Removing Dorico License from lost laptop

Hi all,
A few weeks ago my laptop was stolen which was my primary work station.
I’ve found my old MacBook Pro to use as an interim machine whilst I research replacements for my stolen one, but it’s my belief I’m left without any access to Dorico without using up another license.
Is this correct, or can I cancel the license on the stolen device and transfer it to my interim laptop? If so, how would I approach this?
Thanks for your support and take care of your devices!

Your license is under the new Steinberg system or the older elicenser protection?

I believe under the new system? I purchased Dorico 3.5 and upgraded to 4 in December

What release of Dorico do you have?

In case it is Dorico 4 you can deactivate the license yourself by logging in to your mySteinberg Account

That looks like the article I must’ve been searching for! I’ll give it a try now. Thanks :slight_smile:

Not much to add here, except that I’m sorry this happened, and welcome to the forum.

Sorted. Thanks, all!

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