Removing Drum mic bleed

Quick one, I’m working on an acoustic drum recording, and there are a lot of mic bleed.
What would be the best tool to use for that purpose?
I have just tried:

  1. Layer / Unmix component
  2. Process / Imprint / Cast

Also, is SPL Pro 7 faster / more efficient standalone or used in Cubase (I have Cubase 10.5) ?

Wouldn’t it be better to control mic bleed before the recording is made, than after?

I use SL 7 Pro inside Reaper in both ARA2 mode and as an external editor. I can’t see any difference in performance between SL in standalone mode and SL in either of the 2 “Reaper modes”. Maybe mileage would vary with Cubase; I’ve never used that program.


Recording: well I was not there nor in charge, so I have to deal with what was delivered to me.

Unmix component is doing a good job, but I wonder if folks here go about this with a different approach.
And also, if SpectraLayers plans to develop a dedicated ‘de-bleed’ process maybe?

Yes, please!