Removing drum track from pool issues

This is what I am seeing but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. What am I missing?

When I build a drum track from Media Bay for a project, say I call it ‘Rock song’ and I save it,its fine, I can recall it in whole. But then let’s say I open it again, add some other tracks to this same project and want to save this separately, I call this ’ Rock song with guitar added’. OK, not a problem, easy.

But here’s the rub. When I go back to, it seems any of the spinoff projects I have made using this single drum track, and I elect to remove the drum track FROM THE POOL, now the drum track is removed from all the spinoff projects. :confused: How do I make the spinoff projects pools independent from each other?

Why remove the drum track from the Pool?
You don’t get the option of “Remove tracks from the Pool only or (delete) from the drive”?

And might it depend on which song’s Pool you remove it from?
ie: removing from “Rock Song” removes if from “Rock Song + Guit” but maybe removing it from “Rock Song + Guit” leaves “Rock Song” intact.
1st version “master” to 2nd version’s “slave”, say.

Yeah, it’s purely my anal nature I suppose. When I go to the pool in the new spinoff project that doesn’t use the same drum track, I don’t want to be confused with so many lines. I am left with listening to them to hear what they are sometimes and prefer to only have what is pertinent.

But maybe I am a wimp?

OH I MISSED THE REST OF YOUR POST. You’re right, it asks to remove from Pool or Erase. I see the error of my ways now! I have been erasing from drive and not the pool. I will change my ways, thanks.

Good. I was editing as I went as every time I entered an idea I got another one which is why you missed it.