Removing Elements 4 after upgrade to Elements 5

Hello everyone

I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year to everyone. Thank you to everyone on the forum for there support.

Sorry if my question seems too obvious. :melting_face:
Just to be on the safe side, can/may I delete Dorico 4, which is still on my external Mac drive? Now that I have upgraded to Dorico elements 5 today.

Should I keep them both? Older Dorico 4 files resaving with the “save as” action? :blush:

Thank you. Kind regards from Belgium.

This is not an “official” answer, but I think that’s totally fine. I give a new version some time, and then delete the old one. I have only Dorico 5 installed on my devices for maybe the past several months.

I admit I have kept all versions, just for the sake of being a day-one user and I am still able to answer problems from fellow Doricians who are still on version 2… But I think it’s safe to only keep Dorico 5.1, the best version (before 5.2 comes out, of course!)

Thank You Marc and Dan. Valuable info.