Removing finger/string squeaks

I am wondering, before I embark on a learning curve, if anyone could advise on using Spectralayers to remove excessive finger squeak from an acoustic guitar track. I have the free version that goes with Cubase 12
I don’t mind learning new tricks but don’t want to use up lots of time only to find I was never going to get the desired result. Then spend even more time doing a ton of micro edits (as I would have always done in the past).
No chance of getting the track re-recorded so muggins must ‘fix it’ :roll_eyes::grin:

The example shown here uses the Eraser tool which isn’t available in SpectraLayers One. How to Eliminate Unwanted Sounds From a Song | SpectraLayers Elements Tutorials - YouTube

You could try highlighting the frequencies with the Frequency Range Selection tool, Cut to New Layer and reduce the gain.

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There are a lot of things you could do to try to reduce the squeaks. Unfortunately, the most effective method (for absolutely getting rid of them) would be micro-editing, which you’re trying to avoid.

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There’s a “Guitar De-noise” feature in iZotope’s RX 9, which also becomes available as a plugin when you install RX 9 if you want to use it within Cubase. You could install the 30-day demo of RX 9 Standard and see if that works for you.

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Thanks very much Daniel, I will try that. Just found a video on YouTube showing how which will help jumpstart me too.

Thanks all, I can see that it is a route to investigate (SpectraLayers) but I will go back to wave editing with Cubase tools for this one. Next time similar comes up I will hopefully have more time.