Removing frozen tracks where instrument no longer exists


Does anyone know how to remove an uninstalled, frozen VST-instrument from a CUbase project? (Cubase 8.5)

It’s an instrument that was frozen earlier to save CPU, but later on the plugin was uninstalled/deleted. Now, the track is still there, playing the freeze-file, but cannot be removed. And obviously, the instrument cannot be unfrozen, since it does not exist.

At first I could not even mute it, but after first disabling and then enabling the track again, I can mute it, but I would like to completely remove it.


Reinstalling the plugin is unfortunately not an option.



Why do you want to remove it? When it is frozen, it’s not in use at all in fact.

The way, I could imagine is to Render (Render In Place) the frozen track, and then remove the original track.

Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough. I can’t remove the original track. That is the issue. Perhaps a small bug that occurs when a frozen instrument is removed from the computer?

Why I want to remove it is… Let’s just say I want to remove it :sunglasses:


Is it an Instrument track or a MIDI Track routed to the Rack Instrument?