removing "full score" from score

Solo piano piece with token? that says Full Score upper left of page. How do I get rid of it? thanks

Engrave mode, turn on frames, select that frame by clicking on one of its edges, and hit Delete.

Or in Write mode, double click on the token, select the text, delete it there. The frame is technically still there, but it’s now empty.

If it’s a solo piano piece I think I’d go into Engrave mode and delete the frame from both of the Master Pages (First and Default, ensuring that it disappears from both right and left templates). That way it won’t come back later on in the piece.

Out of curiosity, I tried creating a new project for solo piano. The part layout displays “Piano,” but the full score doesn’t display a layout name.

That would indicate that the score has been set up as a part layout, and therefore uses the part master pages rather than score master pages.

Richard’s, you mean? Must be.

Richard, what is the little icon in the layout panel beside your full score layout? Does it look like this?

Full score layouts shouldn’t display the layout name in the top left corner. Part layouts do.
layout icon.png

It could be that it is a score layout, but Richard has set the ‘Master page set’ on the Page Setup page of Layout Options to ‘Default part’ rather than ‘Default full score’.

Thanks for the suggestions. I had recopied this piece orig. done in sib 7 but not xml, but from scratch. I was using it to learn Dorico and screwed up the voices thing royally. I was going back over it to remedy having up to 5 different voices per stave (piano). I noticed the staff label said piano 1 which was strange. Finally got rid of the second piano (don’t know where it came from) but still had the Full Score token. In write mode it wouldn’t respond to clicking on it. In engrave mode I could access the box around it but not delete it. Finally I got rid of it by clicking on pg 1 in the page sets and removed overides and was able to delete it. The mysteries of Dorico.

Let me clear up the mystery:
If you override something on an individual page, then any future changes made to the Master page will not affect the overridden page. If you remove overrides from a page it will re-reference the master page and incorporate any master page edits.