Removing "ghost" staff

I added a staff in bar 1 at first, then later found out that I only needed the extra staff later.
I added another staff at that bar and moved the notes to the new staff.
I removed the extra staff in bar 1 (where there was a signpost for this).

I still have the extra staff in

(staff c)

Is there any way to clear this “ghost” staff so there is only 4 left (3 standard=man+ped, +1 extra staff for a small section in the piece)?

Showing all staves;


does not result in showing the “ghost” staff.


Once a staff has been added to an instrument, it will always exist, even if it’s not shown.

If you really need to get rid of it, you’ll need to create a new player and instrument, copy and paste the material from the old to the new, then remove the old player and instrument.

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So Remove Staff is practically “hide staff”, you don’t remove it per see.
Perhaps the text in the popup should be changed?