Removing/hiding attribute filters in MediaBay?

I’ve downloaded an enormous sample library for post production. The metadata includes tags like “Engines, Car” and “Footsteps, Indoor” in the the attribute filter “Musical>Category”, meaning the files completely take over when I’m searching for “normal” samples (Piano, Guitar etc).

Can I change what attributes show up in the filter list, without changing the metadata? I still want to be able to browse with metadata within other apps (Soundly, SoundMiner).

Of course! That would quite a problem were it not possible. Click the gear at the top of the results

Thanks, but what I mean is I want to see some Musical>Category filters such as Piano, Beats, Woodwinds but hide those custom ones that have been added.

I don’t think the gear icon does that?

Thanks again,

I think it would be simpler to move the tags en masse to a custom category, or or a less used one.

That would be great, how do I do that? And this will edit the metadata, affecting how I find them in other apps, right?

I have no idea how other apps see the metadata. The Mediabay stores data in a SQLite database, and it writes to the files too. This makes the most of the metadata persistent even if the db goes away.

I suppose you will need to experiment to see how it works with the other applications.