Removing/Hiding markings such as "To Perc. 1"

I am doing a piece with two percussion parts. Both players double a mallet and unpitched percussion, so in Galley view both parts have two lines. I don’t see any necessity in having the text “To Perc. 1” or “To Vibraphone” as each player has a single set-up and does not have to physically move to a new station. I find these markings to be cluttering things up, but don’t see a way to get rid of them. (I tried changing the color of the text to white, but nothing happened. )

  1. I don’t know of any notation software can cope with “2 people sharing a single instrument, whilst also playing others”
  2. Why not just set up a single percussion player and produce two different parts layouts that hide the inappropriate instruments?
  3. Or, just hide the text you don’t like
    (This is just a thought experiment, I’ve not tried this, but was prompted by by your apparent indignation…)

In Engrave, hide the prefix and enter a space for the name. Gif below:

If you really don’t want them in the entire layout, you can skip the prefix step by going to Layout Options/Players/Instrument Changes and changing the “to” to just a space as well.