removing inserts

Well… don’t want to be a bad a$*, and so far this release is pretty cool and stable (except a crash when changing chords via midi too quickly in the chord box), but having to select “no effect” to remove an insert efx in the rack is a pita when you have a big bunch of efx. Can you please put it “outside” of the list and always visible, even if you’re at the bottom of your plug in list ?
Thx ! :mrgreen:

Yeah… only a few hours after release, complaining is starting… :laughing:
No mercy in music business :smiling_imp: :mrgreen:

Maybe a workaround. Does that menu respond to typing? Could you just type n o to get to the item?

yep 100% agree. also you have to double click to open the plugin editor… There is a lot of new functionality in this release… and most of it is a step forward… but this is bread and butter stuff, this needs to be 100% perfect and fast to use, or it just is just a major step backwards.

Well… unfortunately scrolling up is faster, as i have to type “no in” for the “no insert” dialog to appear. But good idea !
I don’t know how they managed but with the same plug in list i have now to scroll up and down when everything was on the screen in 6.5 ! A little inconvenience, but considering the number of times we have to insert/remove plug ins during a session…

When you say you have a “big bunch of efx” to remove, you know you can Ctl-click at the top of the rack and remove them all at once right?