removing instrument track crashes cubase

Is it just my setup ?
I start a new empty project, add a Instrument track, choose any of the onboard VSTi.
Then i right click the track and choose “remove selected tracks” and pooofff, cubase crashes.
If i remove the VSTi before I remove the track it still crashes.
The obvious work around is using midi tracks and I have no problem doing that, I’m just wondering if anyone else have had the same issue.

I use Instrument Tracks almost exclusively every day without issues (adding/removing them as needed). When Cubase crashes, what is the fault module? It could be a specific VSTi causing this for you.

No problem here. Do you have the same problem on both of your machines?

Check and make sure that 7 is not loading the old pref file from your older version of cubase this is one of the major crash problems with 7

Ok sorry for the delay, and thanks for all the suggestions :slight_smile:
Total fresh windows7x64 install and Cubase 7.03 and still same problem.
I have investigated my problem some more. On my second computer that has both Cubase 6.5.4 and 7.02 running i have the same problem in both versions.
The only thing the 2 computers and 3 Cubase versions have in common is the soundcard a MR816. Fiddling with the settings “release driver when App is in background” and Direct monitoring I managed to eliminate the problem.
Well for a day at least, now it’s back.
I’m not going to use anymore time on the problem, I was mostly curious about how common it was.
Thanks folks, and now go make some music :smiley:

I have this issue as well. Cubase 7.0.5 64bit on Mac. Almost every time I delete an instrument track, Cubase crashes. Most often It’s Kontakt 5.2 in question but I think other instruments cause the crashes too.

I have a sneaking suspicion it’s the EuCon component contributing to the crashes, but I’ll have to give it time to test.

EDIT: These crashes have actually stopped after I disabled the EuCon component.

My problem stopped after updating to 7.06
All is good :wink: