Removing legacy plugin - MOTIF XS VSTi

In the past I had the MOTIF XS8 and I have used it with my Cubase as an external VSTi.
Today I do not have the MOTIF XS anymore, but have plenty of compositions made with it.
When I open those “old” projects, I receive a message that the MOTIF XS plugin cannot be located, what is obvious.
But I want to remove the MOTOF XS VSTi from the rack.
Can you pls tell me how to remove it?

It’s a two steps process :

  • In the VSTi panel of the right zone, click on the MOTIF XS8 label in the Rack section.
  • Choose the option surrounded in yellow. It should remove everything related to the MOTIF external instrument in the VST Instruments folder :

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Super, many thanks!