Removing licence from my old Mac

I want to remove my Steinberg licence from my old iMac. Unfortunately the Activation Manager wont’t start on this computer. It says “Loading. Please wait” for hours.
A few days ago I was able to start SAM but it didn’t show the button for deactivating the licence.

My Steinberg account shows a licence activated on two computers. I can see two numbers which look like MAC-adresses.

Is there any other way to deactivate the licence from my old computer?


It would be interesting - for us, at least - to work out why the Activation Manager won’t start on your old machine. Would you be able to check a few things?

First, could you zip up the contents of /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Activation Manager and post them here?

Second, could you try opening Keychain Access, and look in there for a key called “Steinberg Activation Manager”. If you delete that, and then re-run SAM, does it then prompt you to log in instead of hanging?

After restarting my old Mac several times and waiting for some hours, SAM finally startet and I was able to deactivate Dorico on this coputer.
Nevertheless my Steinberg account still says Dorico is activated on two coputers. What do the two red numbers mean?


The red numbers are our internal IDs for the two different computers. In the next release of SAM we will be able to use the computer name here instead, which will hopefully be much more readable.

There are some circumstances under which you could see out-of-date information in the Steinberg account pages. What you try is re-activating on your old computer, checking the Steinberg pages again, and then re-deactivating again. That way we could see whether a third ID shows up in the list when it is re-activated. However it may be simpler to wait until the next SAM release when this information will be easier to understand.