Removing licenses

Previously, I’ve installed the standalone version of Halion Sonic SE 3 because Dorico was hanging with the included VST engine (which was version 2). Now I’ve bought a Dorico 2 license and I’m a little obsessed with getting rid of stuff I don’t need on my computer because I don’t like the thought of old, unused software cluttering up my computer. So, I wanted to deregister and uninstall the standalone HSSE (and eventually Dorico 1), but somehow I can’t remove the license(s) in the eLicenser Control Center. Do I have to remove the programs first or is there another trick to it?

There’s no need to deregister licenses. And they hardly take up any space on your computer, just a few dozen bytes. If that should pose a problem to your system, then you have other, much greater problems.

I know, I also have more than enough space on my hard drive, that’s not the (primary) issue. I’d just like to have a clean and orderly system; call it an OCD, if you like. :smiley: For example, it bothers me that HSSE always shows up in my search results when searching the system for something that contains the string “hal”. And so, if I remove HSSE I also want the license to be gone because I can’t stand stray, non-functional remainders of software on my computer.

I went through the procedure just last week.
After reinstalling just the eLicenser I had to online register the new eLicenser and reactivate the valid software. Afterwards I had a ‘clean’ eLicenser. I think it was in that order…