Removing manual changes to slur?

Hi all,

there is this great way of resetting changes to staff or note spacing, just pressing back space.

Is there a similar shortcut for slurs? Would be fantastic to be able to start over tweaking gone bad without having to do 4 switch clicks. Or deleting/reinputting.


The Edit > Reset Position / Appearance commands should work on slurs (and any other item).

Of course! Thanks a lot! Not as fast as a quick backspace, but much better than what I was doing.

Thanks Lillie.

I think you should be able to assign your own key commands to those menu options in Preferences.

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Certainly. I often make the mistake of not realising that many of the edit commands are available in Engrave mode also, not only in Write mode.

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Backspace or Delete in Engrave mode would certainly make the most sense to me. That’s what I press to remove the selected spacing changes from a handle in Staff Spacing or Note Spacing.

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Agreed. I press it many times just from habit, only to realise that nothing happens in this case…

I think I requested ages ago that Delete in Engrave mode should reset position/appearance in Graphical Editing - as it does in Note/Staff Spacing.

Given that we can’t Delete things, only adjust them, it makes perfect sense.