removing midi fader channels, but keeping it in the project window.

Hi to all of you,

This seemingly trivial problem is driving me mad…

I want to remove the midi faders from the lower mixer -and the main mixer page- but keep the channels in the main project window. I want the mixer just to have the audio from the VST’s Instruments and FX and any recorded audio.

Every time I try and hide the midi faders, the channel in the main project window disappears too.

An I missing something really simple?

Any advise appreciated…


There is a setting to keep the windows in sync. You can change it. Most likely in the programm settings.

It’s been a while since I’ve used it but I seem to remember there’s a wee button at the top of the of the track list in the project window and channel list in the MixConsole window which toggles the visibility sync.

Thanks Ian, I’ve found it.

It was the two tiny horizontal lines next to the Snapshots tab.

Many Thanks

Glad you got it sorted