Removing MIDI Takes

I’ve finally upgraded from Cubase 5 to 9 and while I love most of the changes one thing I’m struggling with at the moment is the Instrument/MIDI takes feature. With Cubase 5 you could record multiple takes and it would all record in the one channel. This made for easy editing.
Is there a way to disable this so all MIDI is recorded in just the one take? I know I can glue all takes together after but this is not ideal and hampers workflow. Thanks

One way is to open the midi part say in the Key (piano roll) editor and record directly into it by clicking the arm button top left.

Another way is to change the global Midi Record Mode to Merge. You can change this via the Transport zone at the bottom of the project window using the Midi Record Mode dialog. Or you can also get to this window via a similar button on the Transport bar.


Has not changed from version 5
Must be a setting that is different.

Thanks for the comments, made the necessary changes and now working well.