Removing missing vst instruments from project

I’ll use EZ Drummer as an example. I can only install it on two computers, but I have a third in the live room. I don’t actually need the vst instrument in that setting as I typically create a separate project for that scenario and work with rendered audio. However, when creating that project I tend to do a Save As and then edit it to what I need. I sometimes forget to remove the vst instruments.

The result is that when I open the project on the computer that doesn’t have the plugin, Cubase barks about missing plugins. That’s fine, and my first instinct at that point is to simply hit F11 or access the side panel, select the vst instrument in question, and remove it. But I can’t.

It appears that if you have instruments loaded in your project but open it on a computer where the plugins are missing, you can’t remove the offending instrument. Unless I’m missing something.

Is this a bug, or is there something I"m missing when trying to remove a referenced vst instrument from a project when Cubase can’t find the plugin on project load?



What happens in this scenario?

Can you do so directly in the Instrument Track? Or do you use Rack Instruments?

I manually create midi tracks, add rack instruments and assign them, so instrument tracks aren’t a factor.

OK, Instrument Racks.

What happens, if you try to set No Instrument in the Instrument Rack slot of the missing instrument? Or why you can’t remove it?

Works here exactly like I remove any rack instrument…click on the name (which has !!! around it to show it’s missing) and select No Plugin

In my case, when I try to click on the down arrow for the instrument in the rack that you’d normally use to select an instrument, it’s disabled, as is everything else in the row for that instrument.

I wonder what’s different in my environment that gives me different results than Grim.

It will work if you just follow instruction without thinking you knw better :smiley:

OK…I can’t actually guarantee that…but you haven’t said you tried what I said so it might well work.

Just now had a chance to test this and I see what you mean. It’s a different selection region and works as you said. I was able to remove the instrument and everything’s happy.

Many thanks to you both for the help!