Removing Note Head, Note Name problem

I’m experiencing unexpected behavior with EngraveOptions>Noteheads>Notehead Names. When I follow this path and change Notehead style back to normal, the first note in the staff remains ‘note name’ style. In the properties panel it shows it as ‘starts voice’ but I get same result if I cancel that switch. Anybody with a remedy?

Starts voice is irrelevant.

Is there a possibility you’ve separately edited this note by right-clicking (or using the Edit menu) > Notehead > whatever?
What happens if you click the first note, right-click > Notehead > Reset?
(Sorry, my syntax may not be absolutely perfect - I’m not in front of a computer).

I don’t remember doing a right click on any notes but the reset worked. Thanks for the tip.

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Just so you know about it - the “Starts voice” property can be used on its own or in conjunction with “Ends voice” to control when rests are shown between notes in voices. When you remove rests, Dorico sets those 2 properties as required for you so that the selected rests don’t appear.

Thanks for that followup. I have not worked with voices enough yet to understand all the properties. Loving Dorico but it is a handful to learn from scratch with no other notation software experience. Kind regards. thaupt

That’s fine of course! It’s a powerful software and therefore takes time to learn. You seem to be doing really well so far :slight_smile: