Removing old CUbase versions has not worked well.

Win 10.

After using program and features to remove several old versions of Cubase, I find there is a lot of litter left behind. In the Start up List there are entries for old Cubases, and I notice in the app folder there are still entries for older versions

I like to keep a tidy drive, and I now realise I should have used the uninstall app in the start up list, but its now too late.

Is there a way out if this jam please?


Well this is not easy on Win 10. Win 10 expects to handle this itself and gives no tools.
Eventually I found that deleting a file for Asio Direct Full Duplex Set up in my old copy of Halion 3 (still used), meant that Cubase 7 vanished from the start up list - which is what I wanted.
The location of the other old folders for Cubase 6 etc was hard to find - online there are many locations cited and instructions to solve this problem are stated as involving creating new profiles and many arcane and difficult workarounds.

Moral: use the Steinberg provided uninstall tool, not programs and features.