Removing or Consolidating Percussion Rests, and Cues

I am at the end of getting a percussion duo (all unpitched) ready for publication. The only snags I am hitting are:

  1. I needed a section without bar lines, which I achieved through creating an 800somthing/16 bar. However, in the part that doesn’t play until the back half of this section, there are automatic rests placed that I need to either omit or consolidate into on rest.

    Is there a way to do this? If not, how do I get around this issue in the future?

  2. I need to create a cue from the first part to the second part but I am only able to input a single instrument of the five instrument kit in a cue. In the image, the cue would be the end of the first player before they both play together.

    Am I able to cue an entire kit? My other solution would be to use photoshop and ad images in to simulate a cue, but I would like it to be done in house if possible.


Welcome to the forum, remelvert94. For your first issue, I guess you just created a super-long bar because you didn’t know how long it was going to be in advance? Now you’ve put the music in, you could try creating an asdditional barline at the start of all of the surplus space, then do Shift+B to open the bars popover, and finally type -1 to delete the bar containing all of the surplus space.

You can’t cue a whole percussion kit, I’m afraid. You could add an extra player to your project using a pitched staff and copy the material to be cued to that staff, then hide it from the full score layout and use it just as a source for the cue. It will look right in the destination staff, but won’t actually be the material from the percussion staff.

I was able to get the bar to my liking, but when I try to add another instrument, I tried marimba, xylo, and flute, they don’t show up as options when I create a cue.

Can you attach the project here so we can take a look? You’ll need to zip it up first.