Removing Page Overrides Deletes Inserted Pages

I’ve inserted a blank page at the beginning of my document to hold the title graphic. It shows up as overridden in the Pages panel. If I remove page overrides, it deletes that page.

Also, if I make changes to the master page that title page is based on, I can’t remove the overrides without completely deleting and recreating the page.

Is there a way to fix this behavior?

Do NOT do an Insert Page operation. Instead, do an Insert Page Template Change. This will apply your Page Template (nee Master Page) without a page override.


Craig, fantastic , I have learnt something new today! :+1:t2:

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It would be nice if there were some kind of dialog box or something that would alert users of the possible dangers of inserting a blank page. If you’re a newbie (or not!), clicking “Insert page” seems to make more sense than “Insert page template change”, which sounds complicated.


@Stephen_Taylor I totally agree.

It is a little confusing and I wonder if it will change - If you insert a blank page in the middle of your score for say some text, and you’ve created a page template with only a text frame on it, when you insert the new page it gives you the option to choose a template, but if you choose your newly created text page template, the page still ends up having an override red triangle. You have to reapply your page template via a page template change and then you can delete the override without consequence. If you then want to delete a blank page I’ve found the best way is to shuffle it to the end of the score before removing the page template and thus removing the page…Otherwise, if you simply remove the template change in the middle of your score, everything shifts over except your page templates and you invariably lose your formatting.
It’s fine to say don’t mess with the formatting until you’ve input all your notes, but scores for operas and musicals are fluid documents and can often need to change later. It is possible to make these changes if you know how, but I think we’ve all probably experienced some frustrations in this area. I understand the flexibility of the system, but it would be nice to lock a template to a page of music so that any custom formatting did not get jettisoned when moving pages around.

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I’m sure the Development Team is aware of that and is thinking of ways that might happen in the future. It’s all a matter of priorities.

Well, yes…That’s why I was wondering if this was a corner of the program (as Daniel put it) that still needed some finessing and might even be part of this next update). I would argue that this is a priority because for new users of the program I can imagine it to be frustrating and confusing. I don’t really need any sanctimonious comments, I know how the process works.

Fascinating. Thank you so much! As others have noted, it’s weird and not perfect, and still requires jiggering stuff around, but it works.

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