Removing Pedal Retakes

To remove/delete a pedal retake, it seems that you have to select the note, then do Shift-P, then enter the text string “nonotch” (without the quotes).

Is there a simpler/alternative approach?

There seems to be no method to shifting a retake left/right.

You can also choose Edit—Pedal Lines—Remove retake.

Preferences - Assigned Key command seems easiest approach.

It would be nice if it were as easy to remove “notches” as to add, but likely a low priority.

Another option for removing retakes is to switch to Engrave mode, select the retake and then turn off the Retake Type property. This might be quicker if you have a few to remove, seeing as you can Cmd/Ctrl-click a bunch of retakes then turn off the property to them all simultaneously. Unfortunately you can’t use Select More here, because it’ll select the pedal line as well as the retakes.

I’m surprised that this works. It seems to break the Dorico design philosophy (at least as I understand it) that you can only make cosmetic/appearance changes in Engrave mode. This seems to be a change to the actual music itself.

This conversation has already been had, here:

That thread did not show up in google search - so thanks for the link. But that’s not quite the point I’m trying to make (and this is not a complaint) - I’m just surprised that this is allowed in Engrave.

I agree that philosophically it’s not really pure to allow this in Engrave mode, but sometimes compromise is necessary. In this case it’s because of the different kinds of selections that are possible in Write and Engrave mode; only Engrave mode allows you to select different segments of the pedal line inedpendently. This will very likely change in a future version of Dorico, at which point this operation may well cease to be possible in Engrave mode.