removing pops and clicks in sample editor

I’m trying to remove pops from audio by using the sample editor and the pencil tool. Im frustrated because the pencil tool wont draw a smooth line. It keeps inserting random jumps at insane values. grr…why isn’t there a line tool I can use to draw a smooth line?

Pencil works just fine for me? Is it your unsteady hand or is it not doing what you’re telling it to?

I’ll post a video or pic if necessary but try drawing a line rather quickly. If I’m drawing on a value of say -40, it will randomly draw a peak up to -20 or something. even at a slow delicate pace it is very jumpy and inaccurate

Perchance your mouse DPI is too high?

(That rhymed)… :smiley:

wierd. I adjusted my pointer speed by one notch and the issue is gone, for now…bizarre.