Removing pops when merging audio clips on the same track


I’m new to cubase, was wondering if anyone can help. I tried recording a guitar part last night and decided to cut the clip and use only the first 4 bars (as I’m not a guitarist and the first 4 bars sounded most perfect) I then quantized / aligned it etc and the copied that clip and paste it to the end of the first clip. When I listened to it you can really hear where the clips start and ends. It’s makes a little crack/pop/silence sound. Is there a way to merge two clips on the same track to sound continuous like it was played and recorded perfectly? I’m sure I’ve seen it done somewhere before.


look up crossfades. In the operations guide there is a good walk through on page 121. But, you probably want to start a few pages earlier. It’ll walk you through EXACTLY what you want.

Thanks mate, I’ll have a flick through and see. I only got cubase on Sunday so still trying to figure everything out. Im so excited i just want to play around with it rather than read pages and pages of stuff.