Removing Redundant Mixer Channels


I am writing a choral piece with Dorico 5. While changing sounds, I ended up with 12 MIDI/instrument channels in the mixer.

How can I delete the redundant channels?

You can hide the MIDI channels by deactivating the MIDI button at the top.

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I did rest the NP but then I had to restart the Dorico.

Now, I have in

  • Dorico Mixer: 4 midi channels + 4 instrument Channels
  • NP Mixer: 4 channels

Question 1: why do we have 8 channels in Dorico mixer?
Question 2: As you see in image below, when I playback the score, out of all 8 channels in Dorico Mixer only the suprano Instrument ( the one after DoricoBeep 1) plays and the rest have no signla activity.

Try re-applying the PB Template.

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Each individual NP instance outputs only 1 stereo pair ( your symptom). I’m not sure one can direct NP to output individual instruments to individual outputs but maybe a NP guru can chime in.

Only with NPPE can one send each NPPE instrument to a different channel (and they may not be the channel expected by the Dorico mixer).

Ok! What is the using of the pair showing up in the mixer. Can their channel strips be changed indedently!

Still not sure, why only one signal out of four (STBE) has activity ( my previous post) when I playbak.

This is what @derAbgang was trying to explain to you. You are not using NPPE, so NP will feed one stereo channel back into the Dorico mixer. That’s what you are seeing on the Soprano fader.

Not sure why you are saying I am not using NPPE while I am, indeed.

If you were using NPPE (or if NP thought you were) the NPPE instruments would be surrounded by a white border.


Thank you Derrek. I set up my project from scratch and don’t have access to look at it. I’d say you are correct.