removing / replacing audio

How do I overwrite & replace audio mixdown files w/o having to open the pool browser then removing unused media pool every time?
Is there an option or shortcut I can use instead?

  • There are the Remove Unused Media and Empty Trash key commands.

  • if you don’t use the counter in Export Naming Scheme you will get a dialog asking if you want to overwrite the same-named file.

  • also they don’t have to go into the pool/be imported into the project in the first place, and you can send them to an OS folder to make it quicker to get rid of unwanted files.

There might be more ways!

Thanks Steve,

This is how I’m currently doing it but it always asks have to remove the older files from the pool first before it can redo the mixdown.

In Sonar E.G. I can bounce audio onto the same track without removing, adding or deleting anything.
I can simply select & delete the unwanted audio from the track, bounce again & it will go to the desired selected & existing track.

When I mixdown in Cubase it adds a new track, then I have to drag it onto the track where all the plugins & automation are.

Is there a way to mixdown onto existing tracks & w/o first deleting the tracks for first removing files from the pool first before bouncing the same track, or do I need use shortcuts for all these extra steps?

Isn’t this what Bounce Selection does? You are saying that you want to place it on the track with the effects, so I presume you don’t want the effects from the track included in the ‘mixdown’.

Otherwise I think you are asking for that oft-requested FR, ‘Bounce-in-Place’.

E.G. for a stem ; I want to bounce multiple tracks ( with fx) to one track ( stem) that has plugins on that track for further mixing.
If I redo the mixdown I first have to delete the older one- ‘unused media’ , then I can mixdown again with the same file name but again ( overwrite existing) but still it’s mixdown onto a new track.
I’d like to avoid all these steps, just delete the unwanted mixdown audio on the track & bounce over again.

so is this possible?

Cubase can only mixdown to an output file, and then places it on new track, a new project, or can open an external editor. So Cubase is going to put it in a new track at the bottom of your track list.

So I think you already sorted it as much as you can, and the answer to your question about how “to mixdown onto existing tracks & w/o first deleting the tracks” is, you have to do the extra work, or make a macro.

Check out the commands “Find Selected in Pool” (works on multiple selected audio events in the project page), “Remove Unused Media” and “Empty Trash” At least you can automate part of this.

Also, have you checked out this macro that Winter Rat (I believe) posted?

It’s also here on the forum, but that external site was easy to find…

Thanks Steve,

I’ll check it out. Still learning C7 basics while busy trying to get projects finished at the same time.
Appreciate your help.

Totally understand. I learn most things in the same manner. :stuck_out_tongue:

It does seem like some variant of what people call bounce-in-place is what you want.


Thanks for posting the link, works well & it saves me a few unnecessary steps.

I had problems with the naming scheme step. I could only set the separator, the other 2 were greyed out ( although leading zeros was at 3)

I don’t know how much that matters, it seems to work fine.
Only wish I could set it to bounce to an already existing track in the project.

Thanks again, checks in the mail!

Just pay it forward! :laughing: (remember the hidden flag you showed me in the GR?)