Removing "select hardware input" option when creating new track

At some time, not sure when, the possibility to select a hardware input when adding an audio track insted of connecting to bus was added to cubase.

I can see the utility of this, but I prefer to use my busses, as the input/output list easily gets cluttered when adding several new inputs.

The “select hardware input”-list is also above the “connect to bus”-list, and as I have 32 channels of in-out, this makes for a lot of scrolling, and a lot of un-needed information. I also sometimes make a mistake, and create new buses by accident.

So, is there some way to remove this option? Would really make things easier.


I think, this is new since Cubase 10.5 or Cubase 10. You still have an option to use the old way. use close the Hardware Inputs folder or scroll down in the list to see the common Audio Connections Inputs.

Unfortunately there is no way, how to hide the (or collapse for ever) the Hardware Inputs. Please add Feature Request tag. On the other hand, I think it has been request already, so you can just search for it and support it.