Removing Silences

What’s the best way you’ve found to automatically trim away user determined ‘silent’ areas? I’m thinking of the function that Audition CS5.5 has that makes it a simple one click process.

There are several ways to do this. What exactly do you want to do?

Related to this - what happened to the nice CTRL-Spacebar shortcut to insert silence from WL6? Unless of course
I am missing something here…


The new shortcut is “Backspace”.

Cool! Thanks.


Hi PG,

I’m looking to quickly remove ‘dead air’ from narration audio files. In Audition CS5.5, it’s an automated procedure to click a button that analyzes the audio file for the threshold level at which it determines is the cut off point. You can then click SCAN to make Audition find these points in the file and then hit DELETE ALL to remove the ‘dead air’ and trimmed to a user defined length.

EG - an audio file might contain many ‘dead air’ points of seconds in length. Using Audition, I can remove this dead air to 250 ms in length.

This sounds much more complicated than it is in practice.

I can acheive similar results with WL7 but it seems a longer process. And using Audtion means very long narration files can be trimmed to my requirements in seconds.

What would be the best route to achieve the same result with WL7?


The AutoSplit tool is the way to go, with the mode “Cut head and tail” , and sub mode “Find and cut silence”

Thank you sir - I’ll try that to see if it’s better for me.