Removing single trumpet part in Spectralayers 8 Pro in Cubase

I’ve being trying various techniques to do this - does anyone have a go-to approach to this sort of thing?
It’s in a thick mix with strings and rhythm section but quite harsh cuting through.
I’ve got a 24bit wav derived from the original mix (ie: not an mp3 or anything)

What, exactly, have you tried? “Various techniques” doesn’t say much.

I’ve tried unmixing stems (it’s not a band so no vocal) the trumpet ends up on the stem called “other” - also unmixing components but that’s not working very well…
I’ve tried using frequency and harmonic tool, which will take an age because there are quite a lot of notes and reverb tails - unless there’;s a quick technique to use some sort of noise-print…
This is pretty close but I don’t know how to render the results or split them effectively, and that might be the way to go, but I can still hear siblance in upper harmonics so I’m thinking about unmixing stems then isolating with frequency / harmonics and then using some EQ to try and eradicate the last bits -
I’ve never used this software before hence my shout out here for the best techniques to look at by more experienced users…

If I come up with any ideas, I’ll post back. I’ve experimented with stem separation some, and have always gotten artifacts.

Your approach seems to be the right one - combining unmix stems and/or components + harmonics selection + some EQ cleaning. That’s probably what I’d do.