Removing tempo data from imported wave files

I’ve imported some wave files from a collaborator, which were recorded at 132bpm, but for some reason the tempo info that’s embedded in them is set to 117.39. My project is of course set to 132 and everything lines up fine. However, I want to speed the song up slightly, but whenever I engage “musical mode” the wave files become faster and out of synch with the project (apparently adjusting for the fact that my tempo is set to 132 and they think 117.39 was the original tempo).

Is there a way to simply remove the existing tempo information from these wave files so that they recognize 132 as the original tempo when I engage musical mode?

I’ve seen some similar posts, but can’t find anything that addresses this particular problem.

Just figured it out - turns out the solution is quite simple. I opened up the audio pool, and was able to manually change the tempo in each file by just clicking on the number and typing in the current project tempo. Worked like a charm.

So I’ve just had a conversation with myself in public. Hope it helps someone else running into the same issues :slight_smile:

Open the Audio Pool, select the files with the wrong tempo, change them to 132bpm .
Now turn on Musical Mode.

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Thanks! I ended up figuring it out about a minute before you replied. :grin: