Removing the remaining chunk of a "removed" staff

Ok, I could find no way to remove the staff that remained below this line of score. There was once an extra staff below several lines of score and once I’d done with it I used Write/staff/remove staff to delete it. It removed all except the bit beneath one line of score. Then I worked out I could hide this renegade line in Setup mode.
…Except it left behind the chunk shown.
There seems no way to get rid of it. So I’m left now with having to print a copy off to delete it with Tippex and send hard copy to the printers to get it done.
A bit of a nuisance that - but not the first time I’ve had to Tippex stuff out. At least I don’t have to write things in by hand this time.
Take no notice of the meaningless time signatures and such. The recipient is fine with that but I have to get it off to the printer tomorrow.

If in Write mode you select the two signposts in the music directly above the remaining chunk (the “+1 staff” and “-1 staff” either side of the Bb) and delete them, this should get rid of it.

That did it.
Many thanks for that tip. I’d more or less given up.