Removing the slash on multiple grace notes permanently

when I write grace notes, I want to follow the “classical” tradition that single grace notes do have a slash, multiple grace notes do not have a slash on the beam. Dorico always slashes the beam. I can remove the slashes on the beams by marking the beam, going on properies and change the grace note style.

However, I have to do this on every grace note beam, which is pretty tedious. Is there a way to configure the default handling of this? That would be a big help.

Not to forget: Happy New Year to all!


Not default, but you can select all grace notes via the filter and change them in one action.

Also, when you’re in Note input, you can use Alt+/ to toggle the slash on or off. Dorico will only display a slash if you’ve left the slash turned on during input.

Thank you for your help!

Dan, am I correct: The filter can only select all grace notes, so it is not possible to select the multiple grace notes which are on a beam separately. Since I want the single grace notes to keep the beam, this doesn’t always do the trick.


Torsten, you are right.
I think I would very much like a global option with acciaccature when there’s only one note (slashed grace notes) and appoggiature when there are two, three or more in a row. This would save me the hassle to alt-click the right key in my keyboard (as I have a French keyboard, I know it’s not useful to write the actual key I press) when I want unslashed grace notes. Is that something other Doricians would love?

I absolutely would second it!