Removing the solo from an audio track

Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
I would like to know if there are tools that allow you to remove the main channel (vocals) from an audio track.
For example I am playing/dubbing a Gerry Mulligan piece on baritone sax, is it possible to +/- remove Gerry Mulligan’s solo part from the audio track so that I get a track with only accompaniment?
Thank you in advance, Alain (Cubase 13 Artist)

I would look into SpectraLayers Pro to “unmix” a track into stems.

You can find videos on YouTube showcasing this feature.

Thanks mlib :slightly_smiling_face:
I looked at SpectraLayers but it seems a bit complicated at my “elementary” level.
I am not an expert in Cubase which I simply use currently.
I’ll see if I can free up some time to work with SpectraLayers

Check out this short tutorial about the unmix features in SpectraLayers Pro. Looks dead simple to me.

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Thanks, since you say so, I’m doing that this weekend :slight_smile: