Removing Unused MIDI Data

At the end of a project, I often like (or need) to go through MIDI tracks and consolidate the regions, not only for neatness but say, if the stems need to be delivered to someone else for mixing, etc. However, I invariably have regions that contain “hidden” data outside of the active regions, which overlap with other regions and become audible once glued together.

For example: I’ve programmed the verse drums with a fill at the end, but then later want to try a different fill. So I peel back the region to hide the original fill, and drop in a new region with the new fill. As long as the regions aren’t glued together everything sounds as it should (old fill is muted and new fill is audible). But if I do glue them together, both fills are going to play simultaneously which is obviously undesirable.

So when I want to consolidate, I have to go through each region and manually delete the inactive data. I don’t cut the original fill out while working because I like the flexibility of being able to go back to it, and “delete muted” doesn’t seem to work for this data (as it’s not really muted). Is there a way to make it so I can glue all of the regions together and any data outside of the active regions will be removed as opposed to added to the consolidated part?

If I correctly understand: Try selecting at least two midi parts on a track and do MIDI>Bounce MIDI

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Thank you @steve, that did the trick! What a timesaver! :smiley: