Removing VST-instruments from the rack

I don’t think there’s a way to remove all VST “Instrument Tracks” at once from the rack. If this is confirmed, I’d highly suggest to @Steinberg_Archived to add this feature.

Also, removing an instrument is tedious, because it needs to scroll the instrument’s list all the way up to reach, at the top of the list, “No instrument”. It’d need a simple “Delete Instrument” for each single instrument instance.

Thank you, best regards.


If you use Instrument Track, you can simply delete all the tracks at once.

I mean “Rack Instrument”.


Then I’m sorry, this is not possible.

Thank you, although I knew it. This post was written as “Feature Request”… Waiting for it at any new update, and it looks it’s not available neither in the latest v.11 …


Could you then add the “Feature Request” tag, please?

Sure, done. Thanks for your support.