Renaissance tuning for guitar and capo on 3rd fret

I have a piece of music where the guitar is tuned as such:
6th = D, 4th = F sharp and the Capo on the 3rd fret.
The music is in F major (there is a vocal part) and the guitar act as a transposing instrument so its part is written in D major but sound a 3rd minor above.

I followed the suggestions as per this post but I wonder if there are any news on this matter.

Now I would like the score (voice and guitar) to show the guitar in D and not in F as it happens for the guitar part.
And any idea on how to state the tuning and the Capo? I think I must rely on plain text.

Dorico does not currently have support for capos, though it’s definitely something we are planning to add in the future. For the time being, adding plain text to indicate the tuning and the capo is probably the best option. If you need to show notation and tablature in different transpositions, you will need to use separate instruments for the notation and tab, and possibly use the Clef and Transposition Override feature to transpose the notation.

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Good to hear capos are coming!

Thank you, but there is one think I don’t understand: why the “Clef and transposition Override” works only for the guitar part and if I set for the guitar right clicking on the Full score I don’t get the expected result in the full score as well?

My project has to players: tenor and guitar and I would like the Full score to show the tenor in F and the guitar in D (since the capo and since the guitarist needs to act as conductor).
Do I need to create a dummy guitar player just for the Full score?
I hope you don’t mind if I upload the file, it is just in case I failed to explain myself.

Ditirambo.dorico (824.4 KB)

Two things to be aware of.

  1. Full Score layouts are in Concert pitch by default so the transposition will make no difference in its appearance. Set it to Transposed view to see the transposed music.

  2. Clef and Transposition overrides are set per Layout. So if you want to override the Guitar, you have to set both the Guitar part and the Full score layout separately.


Thank you, at long last I managed. At some point I got confused, the guitar notation went an octave lower then expected in the Full score layout, but when I selected “transposed pitch” in the edit menu everything is how I was expecting.
Thank you!

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