Rename a Remote Controller

Hello all,

I pulled my M-Audio Oxygen49 (3rd gen) out of storage and hooked it up to Cubase 10.5 - all is well with that. However, I had to start with the generic profile and began setting it up. Then I got to thinking there had to be a setup floating around out there in the ether - found it and added it no probs. BUT, now I have 2 generic remote listings in my studio.

Unfortunately, my OCD is kicking in and I’d like to keep them visually separated by having them named according to their function. For example, the one I downloaded from m-audio is configured to a 24-track audio studio and controls faders (really nice BTW). The one I’m setting up is for controlling the UI while MIDI recording. Looking forward I’d like to configure one for my bigger VST apps like Absynth, BFD, Trillian, etc. . .

So the question is can/how do I rename them? I’ve searched the forum - RTFM’ed - experimented exporting and re-importing and it’s a no go. I could easily do without the remote profiles for the VST apps and just do that in stand-alone mode, but it would be so much easier (in my mind) to do this from within the host app (Cubase). I have thought about one profile to rule them all - but I’d get so confused as I’m a task-based kinda guy and a huge one like that would just overwhelm.

Thanks in advance

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Hi and welcome,

You cannot use 2 Generic Remote Devices and control different features by receiving the same MIDI data to Cubase. The slider from your Oxygen should control only one parameter in Cubase. So make sure you are not sharing the same incoming MIDI data in both Generic Remote Devices, please.

Unfortunately you can’t rename the Generic Remote Device.

I re-read my post and realized I was not being clear enough. I had no intention of using them at the same time. I just wanted separate “config” files. It’s not a big deal - just changes how I’ll think which can be tiresome for my age-addled brain. :wink: My thinking was that I could just load up a config file depending on what I want to do (i.e. mixdown - music creation - etc . . ) and send a MIDI panic if things got messy between loads of the “config” file. . . oh well.

So, all above is basically moot at this point. No matter - I’ll keep things separated. Just hoping . . .



You could use multiple pages in one Generic Remote Device and switch just the pages. On the right side of the button sheet you can see the drop-down menu (with VST in it, most probably), in the Generic Remote Device window. Here you can switch to other page and set it up.

Then you can show the panel in Cubase and switch it from the panel.

Good call! I’m going to look into that a bit further. I think that might actually work for my purpose(s).

Thanks for the tip!