Rename Audio Clips in Pool

According to Cubase Pro 10 docs, you can rename audio clips in the Pool, which is a great feature. However, while the file renaming appears successful in Pool and the actual linked file is also successfully renamed, the original audio filename appears in the track clip,followed by the new name in parentheses.
Is there something else that needs done to view only the new name of each audio clip in the track?
I have tried restarting Cubase, and I have tried moving the clips to a new folder so when I open the project I have to find the clips, and when I do they still have the old name followed by the new name.

the way you have it described is the way the naming/renaming works in Cubase. In my experience what you want to do is not possible by just renaming the files in the pool.

To get your desired result I guess you must do a few extra things. Select all events you want to rename - write the new name in the “file” tab of the sequencer window, press enter and you are done.

I understand what you are trying to achieve and why.

I am no programmer but I guess there are some logical reasons for why they don’t rename automatic. For me, it makes sense that I would like multiple event names in the sequencer window that reference a single file on my disc.

Thanks for the answer Glenn!
I did not know about Project Browser until your response made me start looking. I didn’t need to do my renaming in Pool after all.
Here is a link to the Project Browser documentation:

I changed ‘Name’ for each event and that did what I wanted. It’s great of Steinberg to give us both powerful options: rename an audio file plus view audio metadata in Pool - rename the audio file and/or event reference in Project Browser.