Rename CC's

It would be great to be able to rename CC’s in Note Expression (and Cubase in general) so as to indicate what parameter they control.
I use many CC xx (Control xx) controllers so being able to name them would help a lot.
When you have a list like the e.g. below it’s difficult to remember what’s what.

CC 54 (Control 54)
CC 55 (Control 55)
CC 56 (Control 56)
CC 57 (Control 57)
CC 58 (Control 58)
CC 59 (Control 59)
CC 60 (Control 60)

YES! +1

Since many years i wish to be able to…


Or just put a label next to the controller, but this is important…

One easy thing to do would be to at least get names from quick controls (if they’re bound to a cc) and display them in the automation lanes

Yeah, it should operate just like the drum map system does.

I think they intended MIDI Device Panels to cover this…

…but then they seemed to abandon MIDI Device Panels development and it’s one of those places you happen upon in Cubase like you’ve stumbled through some digital labyrinth to discover this dated old piece of the software that is half-functional and probably nobody uses or even knows about.


+1 Yes, please!



+1 yes


Yes, it’s very awaited!
And midi devices are quite complex, but doesn’t cover all needs - for example you can’t automate some parameter from panel, you still need use cc for this

Yes please. It would be so nice to rename CC’s. I am right now using external hardware for the first time and remembering what different CC is a pain. Luckily I have cheat sheet in PDF but still it would make workflow more easy.