Rename/change genres in MediaBay?


I have recently dived a bit more into MediaBay and its becoming an essential part of my work flow with audio.

However, I think its a bit limited to what Steinberg have made as default.

Is there anyway to add/change genres/subgenres and categories in general? e.g. If I wanted to make a (sub)genre called “EDM” can I do that?

If not, get to work Steinberg! Would love to see this in Cubase 11…


Absolutely. Open the Right-zone of MediaBay. Attribute Inspector Appears. Click to Configure Defined Attributes. Here you can add User Attribute.

Hi Martin how do you add a name to the list?
For example Category starts with Accordion Bass Brass etc. Can I add a custom name here?


I’m sorry, I probably didn’t explain it right. You can add your own User Attribute, not to add a value (or entry).

Got it. Thank You Martin.