Rename during autosplit

Hi all,

Small feature request in the autosplit workflow:
I’m a heavy user of the autosplit function for chopping up 1 long recording into hundreds or sometimes thousands of small files according to named markers.

In this process , it may very well happen that a file name occurs twice or even more. Wavelab warns at the first duplicate and commands to correct the file name, see screendump. This means stopping the entire autosplit sequence, open up the marker list, find the offending marker and set the cursor at the right timecode, rename the marker, save the wave, start the autosplitter again, hoop through all the steps, then click Finish (and hope that there will not be another instance of duplicates, because wavelab stops immediately at the first duplicate.

Wouldn’t it be possible to A) report all duplicates within the chosen set of files (usually an entire directory), and B) offer to rename the offending file(s) within the autosplit workflow?

I’m more than willing to help out if need be.
Best regards, Peter

You have name duplicates among markers or audio files?

the duplicate names are in the markers, but as I use the naming option “as marker names” in the autosplitter (see screendump), wavelab warns about the duplicate marker names.

But if I understand right, the problem is about duplicate names between audio files, not within a single file?

Yes, right. The workflow is to chop up 1 long wave file into multiple small wave files, and name the small files according to the named markers in the long file.

And the problem happens if you have the same marker names in different long-wave files. Right?
(I just want to ensure I understand the problem correctly).

Yes, correct.

Hence what is needed, if a WaveLab function to check marker duplicates before starting the batch process.
In case of duplicates, the process should stop and WaveLab should display these duplicates.

Yes, and ideally link to the duplicate marker in the wave file so it can be edited right-away, if possible without having to stop the autosplit window.

And what about an auto-rename option? That is, if a duplicate is found, then the second marker is updated with a suffix? A report at the end would be displayed.
That would be the easiest way to implement, and also the quickest workflow for the end user.

That would be an acceptable solution, thanks!
best, Peter

WaveLab 11.1.10 will provide a solution for your case.

That’s great, PG, thanks very much!