Rename Event

I used to rename any event easily on top of the inspector (usefull in case of many layers) but I don’t see that anymore. Did that move somewhere else ? Do I miss something or do I have to open the library each time I want to rename any audio event ?
Thanks in advance.

Typically I use the info line when renaming.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I know, right ? But I cannot see anymore the name of event in the info line.

Right click on the info lane and customise it. Add desciption and or File name to it.

I did that, but there is no choice like that. This feature just disapeared. Do you still have it ?

Yes its there see screenshot.

What you show me is what I got in C9.5. In C10, here is what I have:

I found it ! It’s a little button on top right where I have this option.
Thanks for your time.