Rename Events from List - CSV ?


i have a form done with OpenOffice. i save it as CSV and select UTF-8 without changing anything else (TAB, space etc…)
but what ever i do nuendo import it as a single column.
can’t have the seperations… any idea how you set the CSV so nuendo can work with it ?
can’t find info.
only way i find is to copy the form to bloc and save a .txt (that has tabulation) Then import .txt in nuendo works… but it’s a second manipulation.

Someting else i don’t understand it’s called “Rename events from list” but it only changes the Description… not the actual File name.
i was expecting this to change name of the file… is it possible to do that in batch ? i need this to export samples to kontakt.

If I may ask: Why can’t you have them?

No, it changes the description only. Use Export / Selected events to save events under new file names.
See also:

looks like export events is my solution for sampling. didn’t knew much about that feature until now.