Rename First Selected Track as first Macro command


This is a confirmed bug by other users both in Mac and PC.
The issue happens when the first command of a macro is Rename First Selected Track

1 - Create a new Cubase 9 project;
2 - Add any type of tracks;
3 - Create a new macro and add the Rename First Selected Track command as the first one, click OK;
4 - Select a track;
5 - Try clicking the Edit menu with the mouse;

The result is that when clicking the Edit menu, it triggers the Rename First Selected Track and Edit menu can’t be accessed. If no track is selected, clicking the Edit menu works properly.


cubase 10.0.50. It’s still here.

Ah ok, I just discovered this bug myself. Still not fixed as of C12…

I confirm the issue on Cubase 12.0.40.

Also could a moderator merge this topic with that one? Thanks in advance !

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