Rename Mixer tracks Automatically by Layer Name

Would Save some time and confusion in layer mode, when entering name of a Layer to have the name also in the mixer.
right now if i have Layers with 3 HSSE Vsti and i name the layers “Piano- pad-organ” when i go to mixer it shows “Halion sonic SE”
3 times and have to change the names all over

But then you could not edit channel names anymore, your edits would be overwritten. Then editing of channel names would be useless.

personally i dont see why you will need different name from the layer, but i guess everyone have their use cases, anyway the mixer channel name can be still editable i guess without changing the layer name ?!

Sure, they are entirely independent. By default, the channel takes the Instrument name, not the Layer name. The channel actually belongs to the Instrument.

that’s why i think when changing layer name the channel name should be changed to layer name, to save time/clicks and repeated naming entering ( maybe in future you can add a preference option “channel name gets layer name”)